Elephants Child Production
Distributors: Omega Entertainment / Marquis Releasing
Feature Film

Two men, Mark Smith and ex-con Roger Singh  both hunt for the same Company but for very different reasons. No one gets in the way of Roger in his greedy quest for Africa's pearly white gold-ivory, not even the beautiful wildlife artist Micah Hill . Having kidnapped Micah, Roger, in a deranged killing frenzy, forces her to watch him senselessly slaughter those giant kings of the African bush.

Mark, having discovered his best mate brutally murdered, begins his desperate hunt to save the fate of Micah and the African elephants.

1hr 39mins


Micah Hill  

Lucy Gutteridge
Roger Singh  John Rhys-Davies
Mark Smith  Andrew Stevens


Julian Glover

Executive Producer:  

Producer: Keith C. Jones
Director:  Tara Moore


Tara Moore

Director of Photography:              

Jerry Pantzer
Editor:  Brian O'Hara


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